3 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Online

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The demand for online shops is rapidly growing. Consumers are now going to the web for most of their purchases due to convenience and great deals. However, spending your money on companies that solely exists virtually has its own risks, too.

When you buy online coconut oil, it is important for you to take necessary precautions to protect yourself. Any technology connected to the internet, may it be a smartphone or a tablet needs to be protected from cyber criminals waiting to lure their next target. Exercise caution every time you browse. Take security safety measures and enjoy the benefits brought by technology with peace of mind when you buy online. The following are three questions you should ask yourself each time you go online:

  • Is the site legit and secure?

I suggest you go to websites that are recognized as credible online shops. And rather than hitting a search engine, go to official websites directly. Avoid going through intermediary sites, which will only redirect you to other websites or prompt you to automatically download possibly threatening files.  

How will you know if a site is legitimate and secure? Look for the locked padlock icon on the status bar of your browser. Another trick is to make sure the URL address starts with HTTPs and not just an HTTP. Why you might ask? When both the icon and HTPPs appears on the browser, this means that the site is installed with security socket layer encryption.

  • Is the price reasonable?

Scammers know that shoppers love great deals. I am sure that all of us have stumbled upon legitimate unbelievable great offers and grab the opportunity, but this is once in a blue moon incident. Unfortunately, not all offers are authentic.

Although one cannot help but get enticed by low prices, do not be fooled. If the price is too good to be true, chances are this is a rip-off. You have to be smart and careful in evaluating if a product can cost as stated online.

  • Do they really need all of this information?

Yes, online shops require you to divulge information for billing and delivery services such as the method of payment, billing address, name, phone number, and email address. However, you must always be careful about what and what not to give. Every time an online shop asks you for more information, always ask yourself if they really need it.

Never give out your social security number, bank account, and other sensitive information. This detail may be used against you. You can check out the company or online shop’s privacy policy to understand how your information can be exposed. While others ensure confidentiality, there are some who publicize their clients’ details. Always choose an online shop which respects your privacy.

To ensure your safety, never forget to use the questions mentioned above. Always bear these questions in mind when you buy online coconut oil and other products.

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