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Do you have a favorite thing? Do you love cooking or basketball or picnics on the beach? There are so many beautiful things and places to experience in the world, it might be hard to pick a favorite. Here at Wiki Coconut Info we have a few different favorites. We love helping people live a healthy life, we love gathering at a big table with our friends and family and we love coconut oil because it helps us do both of those other things better. Yes, pure coconut oil nutrition helps us lead happier, fuller lives because it helps us fulfill other goals. Sharing information about coconut oil here on our website and in all the other places our team is asked to speak is as satisfying as any job can be.

We’ve done our research on the benefits of coconut oil and other coconut food products, how they not only improve the lives of the people who use them, but also improve the lives of the communities where coconut palms are farmed. For example, did you know that coconut sugar is classified as the world’s most sustainable sweetener by the Food and Agriculture Organization? Sustainable crops provide income for workers today, tomorrow and long into the future without damaging

The Advantage of Pure Coconut Oil Nutrition

Pure coconut oil nutrition comes from the naturally occurring components in coconuts. When nothing is added, or taken away, we’re left with creamy, delicious oil chock full of micronutrients, medium chain triglycerides, lauric acid and anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal components. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do add and take away the nutrition by the way the process the oil. Some brands use smoke, heat, bleach and other chemicals to expel or “refine” the oil before packaging. These methods strip coconut oil of its light, tropical aroma and delicious flavor as well as much of its health-giving nutrition. What a shame!

To reap the most benefits from coconut oil, purchase only brands that are organic, unrefined and have been processed by cold-press or Absolutely No Heat methods.

We are Wiki Coconut Info. We are a family based project with the goal of helping others live happier, more fulfilling lives through better nutrition. You could say we’re making the world a better place one coconut at a time because coconut foods, and especially coconut oil is our focus. Coconut foods can make so many things better in so many different ways! From quieting squeaky hinges to relieving your dog’s itchy skin to helping you shed those extra pounds, coconut oil is an amazing product. Pure coconut oil nutrition is being researched by more and more experts because practically every new finding leads to another! Virgin coconut oil has been verified to increase good cholesterol, help balance blood sugar, boost a sluggish metabolism and improve your overall health by building a stronger immune system.  All this, and it tastes delicious in all types of recipes and methods of cooking.

We Love Pure Coconut Oil Nutrition

With all coconut oil and other coconut-based foods have to offer, you can understand why we get excited about them. In our efforts to understand the magic of coconut oil from a more practical point of view, we’ve discovered that medium chain triglycerides and the fatty acid known as lauric acid are the nutritional powerhouses we have to thank. While they are the main components responsible for the most impressive health benefits like weight loss and helping to stabilize blood sugar, there are also many smaller components working to support better health. Antioxidants, trace minerals, micronutrients, and anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents are also hard at work providing nutrition at the cellular level.

At Wiki Coconut Information, the best information we can share is that high-quality organic extra-virgin coconut oil is affordable to buy and easy to find online. Not all brands take the time to process oil so that is retains the healthy nutrition nature intended it to have. We recommend using only unrefined oils that have not been treated with heat or chemicals.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy life more by enjoying delicious, nutritious foods like organic coconut oil.