How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Pets

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Virgin coconut oil has been thanked for because of its many benefits for humans, such as weight loss and boosted immune system. But did you know it plays an important role in the lives of our pets?

Let us break down the uses of virgin coconut oil for pets below.

1. Use it to cure mild gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the most common dental disease in pets. Thankfully, virgin coconut oil can save your fur babies from this oral problem. Rub coconut oil on their gums every day to somehow ease pain or inflammation.

2. Use it to create a shield against environmental allergens.

The weather can cause serious allergies to pets. But you can always do something to keep those allergens at bay. Massage a thin layer of virgin coconut oil into your pet’s coat after bathing to keep allergens away.

3. Use it to moisturize dry coat.

Dry coat is a common problem among dogs, too. So to prevent this, apply coconut oil to the coat and massage it from the ears to the tail. Be sure to avoid their paws. Leave it there for at least five minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It should leave your pet’s skin hydrated.

4. Use it to cleanse skin folds.

Dog breeds that have skin folds like pugs and bulldogs are prone to infection and irritation because the folds always stay moist. To remove the bacteria that thrive in those areas, moisturize it with coconut oil.

5. Use it to prevent hairballs.

Hairball is a common problem among cats. To treat it, commercial hairball remedies are introduced. Sad to say, these products are a bit pricey. Nonetheless, there’s a solution to that – virgin coconut oil.

6. Use it to support thyroid functions.

Coconut oil is rich in MCTs, which are not only helpful for humans but also for dogs. These compounds aid in thyroid functions, such as helping in weight loss and providing energy to less active canines.

7. Use it to relieve constipation.

If your pet is suffering from constipation, coconut oil is the cure. Give at least half a teaspoon of this oil orally once or twice a day.

At the end of the day, if you consider using virgin coconut oil for pets, be sure to consult the vet first. Then again, we’d like to hear your thoughts. Let us know by dropping comments below.

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